Meet The T-shirt For Introverts.

Sometimes I don’t want my head goes through the hole of my t-shirt when I put it on in the morning. I just want to stay inside, however I always have to go somewhere. 

Monsby Introvert T-shirt Design

So I invented this T-shirt that could help you on those days when you feel like an introvert. 

Monsby T-Shirt Fashion Design


I called it a Head-shirt. Its second function is that it works as a mask, which is very useful in our Covid times. 

On the reverse side, there is a hole in the neck area where you can put your head to "deactivate" the Head-shirt and turn it into an ordinary T-shirt to have dinner, drink water or just smile at a stranger.

monsby t-shirt design


Monsby Introvert T-shirt


Five pieces will be made in my Studio. $5,000 per item, supported with the Certificate of Authenticity. For a lower cost, please look forward to the launch of the open collection soon.

Certificate of Authenticity for Monsby Introvert T-Shirt / Head-Shirt


Monsby Clothes Design


Just watch this video, it will help you to understand how it works.