Yes, The Boner Lamps are real, 50 million people saw them in the first three days after posting on Twitter. 100% limited edition handcrafted products from Europe. If you want to see the Boner Lamp in collaboration with some artist, activist, movement etc, just email me. Other colors are acceptable also.

Peace ✌🏻 Stay safe.

New York Boner Lamp

Made in New York. 25 Pieces Available.

9/11 Wall Lamp

In memory of the lives lost on September 9, 2001.
Not for sale.

Bestseller of 2022

Boner Lamp Collections

Wall Lamp inspired by medieval torch, California vibes, London underground scene, Milan's fashion industry and erect penis, which gives light as a symbol of new life. 

Single piece

Magic Switch

The flapping of a butterfly's wing does not cause a hurricane, but light.


Capitalism Hole

Capitalism is a tricky thing. Read more about it.

Limited Edition Series

Legendary Uncut Lamp

The ancient and deep meaning behind cheeky, ridiculous and funny design. 10 pieces left.

Featured in

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